Server Information

We designed AquaRO from the ground up to be a fun and challenging custom Ragnarok Online experience. We want you to explore and learn different job classes and builds so you can be the best that you can. We a very active staff, welcoming community, custom MvPs and monsters and a whole world of unknown to explore. All in all, we just want you to feel like this is your Ragnarok Online home.

Information for Aqua Ragnarok Online
Server Type Pre-renewal
Max Level 255/120
Max Stats 255
Max ASPD 195
Server Started 01 Febuary 2021
Gepard Sheild 3.0 Yes
Exp and Drop Rates
Base & Job 10000x
Quest Exp 10000x
Item Drop 10x
Card Drop 25%
MiniBoss Card Drop 30%
MVP Card Drop 10%

 List of Custom Features

We strive to make sure the server is packed full of content, the list below is only some of the features we offer. We are constantly looking to add more features wheather it be events or quality of life improvements for the players.

New Player Guide Custom Main Town
Houlry Event Tickets(A Form of Currancy) 4 Custom Towns
30+ MvP's and Counting Race System with equipment
Pokemon Pets Mini/3rd/4th Job Class Costumes
Allowed to use Macro Custom Cards

 WoE and KoE

Since this server started, it has grown a lot, with that growth also came competetition. Our WoE and KoE is a fast paced and powerful experience. We believe it gives the perfect amount of adrenaline while keeping the fun factor high, you won't be dissapointed.

  WoE and KoE times (Server Time)
War of Emperium King of Emperium
Tuesday at 9:00PM Monday at 9:30PM
Friday at 9:00PM Thursday at 9:30PM
Sunday at 9:00PM

 Server Stats

Accounts 4,749 created
Characters 8,888 named
Guilds 204 established
Parties 805 formed
Zeny 715,832,359,784 collected